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Crockery and Unbreakable Drinkware

This range of crockery is designed for all care settings where cognition, vision and dexterity may be creating challenges. A lot of time and effort was invested into getting this product right. Manufacturing samples and consultation with a cross-section of experts and end-users took a couple of years. The end result is a choice of colours and material features that have proved popular and effective in Care Homes and Hospitals.

This attractively coloured, high quality range of traditionally styled crockery has some elegant and unique features.

The bowls and plates are cast in a high quality melamine which provides some exceptional and valuable properties. Being lighter and more durable than porcelain, Melamine provides a range of benefits not achieved with ceramics.

The unbreakable drinkware products are manufactured in Triton, providing unrivalled strength and clarity.

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