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Furniture for Murals

About our furniture:

Murals are a terrific way to create meaningful, interactive points of interest in a care home environment, as long as they provide a real experience.

If you create a Cafe it must be somewhere you can take a seat and enjoy a cuppa and a biscuit or Coffee and a cake and do everything you would do in a Cafe. The same goes for any mural that is associated with an activity.

We are progressively developing a range of furniture designed specifically to enhance our Murals and facilitate that real experience. Letter Boxes for the Post Office, a flower station for a garden or Flower Shop mural, and so on.

Considerations when using Murals:

Whether you're using a permanent wallpaper Mural or our innovative electric Rollermural, it must be combined with interactive components. Failure to provide a real experience will often result in a negative experience for many care home residents. It's simply wrong to illustrate products in the shop 'window' printed on the Mural, and not be able to have that product if you want it, but this is the mistake people sadly, often make. For this reason, windows in our Murals are always frosted and we emphasise that a Mural is only a scene-setter for the real experience that should be made available there.   

If you'd like further assistance on how and where to use Murals, which type to use and how to get the most from them, please contact us, we'll be more than happy to help.


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