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TCHD Gifting Cards

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Like all businesses during these unprecedented times, our Care Homes have severely tightened their purse strings. But that doesn't mean they don't want to keep making improvements and here's a way you can help.

By purchasing a Gifting Card for your loved one's care home you can say 'thank you' for their dedication and hard work, and you can contribute to improvements within the home.
TCHD gift cards can only be used to make purchases from the TCHD website, so you can be sure your donation is going towards purchasing something specifically designed and 100% appropriate for use in a dementia care home. Whether it's something specific for your loved one such as personalised signage or their own Memory Box, or something everyone will benefit from such as a Reminiscence display. 
If you're running a care home and want to improve your environment, you can set up an appeal for families to support the improvements by donating TCHD Gift Cards.
If you need help, we'll create any artwork you require to promote your appeal free of charge.
When it comes to purchasing, multiple Gift cards can be redeemed at the online checkout against any order. The value of the cards is deducted from the total value in your basket including vat and delivery where applicable. 
TCHD Gift Cards are a great way to make an affordable contribution to a care home, say thank you for their amazing hard work and selfless dedication and help fund something you know is going to benefit someone living with dementia.