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Reminiscence Displays

Care home surroundings should be filled with rich content that is relevant to the age and demographic of its residents. The surroundings should demonstrate a strong connection to the locality of the home and the interests of the people who live there.

Sourcing and producing high-quality, relevant material is a skilled and time consuming process, so this growing collection seeks to provide a ready-made resource for a variety of era and culturally specific themes presented in safe, attractive, easy to enjoy formats that can be located anywhere in the home. If you want to use them outdoors let us know and we can create displays for external use too.

We also specialise in creating graphic displays that specifically relate to the  locality of your home - if this is something you'd like to do please get in touch.

To enhance the artwork we highly recommend including themed Memory Boxes with your display. These can be displayed alongside a graphic display or incorporated within it.

Reminiscence displays can be reconfigured (see the Fashion panel as an example) or resized size if required to fit into a specific area.