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Bathroom Reminiscence Pictures

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Reminiscence pictures around the bathroom help to make the environment more pleasant and reinforces that 'this is the bathroom'. The bathroom is important for our personal hygiene of course, but should also be a warm, comfortable place to relax and enjoy a bath.

These images all relate to era-specific products and help to remind people they should shave or brush their teeth, but also make the environment a more interesting place.

We have a vast library of era-specific images for reminiscence so please feel free to send a request if you're looking for specific products or images.


Available in three standard sizes the pictures are printed on a waterproof material and protected by a waterproof, non-reflective laminate. They're mounted onto a 12mm thick water resistant MDF and the print and laminate are then wrapped around the edges to seal them and so there are no edges susceptible to being 'picked' at. The substrate has integral keyhole slots machined into the reverse so the picture can be securely attached to the wall without leaving any gap behind.