About The Care Home Designer

In the UK there are too many care homes being closed down. Not because they're not needed, but typically because they struggle to maintain the occupancy levels required to make them economically viable. This can't continue.

Why is this happening?

As the number of people with dementia requiring care home places continues to increase, the balance between home care provisions and supported care home places for people who don't have dementia has changed, such that there is now a greater demand for homes catering for people with dementia and reduced demand for those who don't.

Homes that re-register for dementia and provide the better standards of care, will be in demand and more likely to be operating on the basis of full occupancy. 

The aim of The Care Home Designer is to work with care home owners who want to develop excellent environments that are highly suited to residents with dementia. This will contribute significantly to the success and sustainability of the home and for many it will make the difference that will keep them in business and available for the ongoing demand.  

Failure to act to correct the growing imbalance between supply and demand, will have dire consequences.  

So what's the answer?

Through better design, we can meet the needs of people requiring care home places and by refreshing our existing home stock, standards can be met with minimal investment. There are new care homes being built at costs in the region of £250,000 to £300,000 per bed. Even then, they are not being well designed for the demands of the market and they are destined to be a financial burden as long as they continue to operate.

An investment of £1500 to £2000 per bed on a typical home of around 40 beds can make all the difference and provide an ongoing return on that investment. Where the environment is concerned, this may be all that is required to make the difference between success and closure. 

Who or what is The Care Home Designer? 

The Care Home Designer is a talented team dedicated to improving the quality of care for people who live, visit and work in our care homes and live their daily lives with the complications and complexities of dementia.

We can do more for the residents of our care homes by using our knowledge and experience to create better environments that make sense and are significantly less challenging.

What's different about The Care Home Designer?

Our novel approach is to address the all different area's and make them work together. Common sense you might think, but no-one seems to work this way. There are some lovely interior design schemes out there but often they're quite unhelpful if you have dementia. Then there are some great dementia-specific features, but they often look like a sticking plaster or have only been implemented under pressure from a CQC inspector.  

The benefit of tackling all aspect together is the opportunity to create designs which are distinctive and thoroughly enabling whilst providing additional qualitative elements as a consequence of consistent design throughout the home. This holistic approach is intrinsically practical, structured and cost effective, which means its implementation can be staged, making it affordable, whilst still ensuring maximum benefits and minimising disruption. To coin a phrase - The whole is greater than the sum of its parts! And to coin another phrase - everybody wins!