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Working for you


If you'd like to make really worthwhile improvements to your care home environment, we'd like to work with you.
Our approach is unique, we call it Resident Focused Informed Design (RFID), it's entirely results-focused for the benefit of staff, business operator, visitors, the local community and most of all, the residents themselves. After all, these are the people we seek to support and who rely on us to do the best we can.  

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A team of specialists led by experts.
We aim is to create homes which are smart, attractive, effective, great to work and live in, highly rated and in high demand. We want to make every home, regardless of size, the best it can be in every sense within the capacity of the available budget.

Our dementia-specific strategies are based on experience and are supported by the research findings of the University of Worcester, HammondCare and others.

If you're considering working with us, let's start a conversation.
With no obligation on anyone's part, this will let you know if we're the people you need. If you're serious about making improvements to help residents with dementia and make your home a better experience for all concerned, the chances are we'll get along very well.

The next step is to conduct an Environment Assessment.
This is an important process to enable us to learn about the property in question. Typically we'll spend a day looking around your home, talking with residents, management, staff and visitors. We'll learn about your ambitions and motivation for improving the property and the experience of the people who live and work there. We also want to learn about the community, how the business is marketed and how it's performing, particularly with respect to important aspects such as occupancy levels for example. We want your revenue to be as high as possible.

The assessment tool we use is designed with goals in mind and planning how to achieve them. By the end of our visit we expect to have the information we need to draft a report and proposal that will fulfil your ambitions. 

Our report incorporates our findings in the context of what you want to achieve. With our expertise, we want to bring the maximum benefit to your residents, which is only achievable if our proposals work for your staff, and benefits the business too. However your money is spent, there'll be a good reason for the expenditure and you can expect a return on your investment.  

The ideal outcome is where everyone benefits and the business thrives.
Cost is unavoidably a key consideration and 'every pound's a prisoner' in our book. But however 'justifiable' the expenditure may be, that doesn't mean the funds are immediately available. This is where one of the main benefits of our survey comes in to play.

Because we create our report in around 22 sections, there are a number of options for how you address financing your improvements.
You can;

  • Cherry pick the options you can afford and ignore the rest
  • Work with us to plan a schedule that will result in implementing the whole program in manageable, practical chunks
  • Get cracking and put those benefits in place as soon as possible! 


The greatest benefit is in implementing the whole program.
This might sound obvious, but because we look at the environment as a whole (and we do mean everything) the greatest benefit is to be had by implementing the whole program, rather than just being a 'sticking plaster'. However, if available finance is prohibitive, even the benefits you can afford will be worthwhile. Hopefully the results will encourage you to go the rest of the way when finances allow. 


The Care Home Coach
For all the environment is a huge and important influence on the mental and physical well-being of residents, staff and the ultimate success of the home, just as important are the people-factors on the journey to achieving an outstanding home. For all compliance, training, dementia care mapping and business skills we recommend our colleagues at The Care Home Coach.  

Their exceptional team will support all aspects of the staff and management of your Care Home and if you want to formally measure the benefits of your environmental improvements, you can do this with Dementia Care Mapping which The Care Home Coach can provide for you.