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Hair Salon Signs

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One of our priorities in effective care home design is the ease with which residents can find their way around independently. This is their home after all, so should be as easy to navigate as possible. 

There's a sound argument for avoiding over-use of signage - for example a dining room with wide open doors and clearly visible dining tables and chairs doesn't justify a sign. Thoughtfully used, signs with a meaningful picture and appropriate title, combined with our distinctive, visible design will help residents navigate more easily and be more confident to move around. All our signs can be provided with your choice of words and colours without additional cost.

About colour choices:

Our improved knowledge around vision and colour contrast demonstrates that the use of primary colours is no longer necessary and referring to LRV's (Light Reflectance Values) can create the same levels of perceived contrast, whilst offering the opportunity to use a far wider and more pleasing colour palette. 

The colour choice for these designs and the Door-cals have been determined using LRV's and demonstrate the ability to use complimentary and contrasting colours to ensure an attractive and effective colour scheme.

You can learn more about LRV's in the 'About us' section of this site.

  • Specifically designed for care home use
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal growth properties
  • Tolerant to most non-abrasive cleaners.
  • Three standard sizes - Small (300mm), Medium (400mm) and Large (480mm) 
  • Non-reflective and tactile
  • 12mm thick construction
  • Fits flush to the wall with integral, hidden fixings