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One way drinking straws

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Hydration is so important to health. Dehydration leads to a vast array of additional problems if not addressed. When someone is particularly weak, they may not be able to use a cup of any type - modified or otherwise, and there may also be an increased risk of choking.

This one way drinking straw has a clever non-return valve at the base of the straw, so when the fluid is sucked up to the top of the straw, it stays there. Then it requires the absolute minimum of effort for the user to take sips under their own control. The valve can be removed, washed and re-used and although the straw is rigid, when softened in hot water, it can be carefully curved to a shape to make it easier to use.

This product is ideal for use with our mug as the valve wont pull through the hole in the cap and therefore can't drop out.