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Extended Orientation Displays with weather conditions

Extended Orientation Displays with weather conditions

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Maintaining Orientation to the time of day can become a real challenge when dementia becomes an influential factor.

Sleep patterns can be anything but, when routines go out of the window and the day becomes a period of 24 hours, losing the routines of day and night.

As part of the disruptive process, a loss of short-term memory will exacerbate all the associated difficulties.

A well sited, well designed Orientation Display can be a great comfort, even though that comfort may only be momentary in many cases.

The eye-catching, over-sized, clear, contrasting display conveys it’s information instantly, whether it’s the standard display with day, date, month and time, or the extended display with the inclusion of weather conditions too – something that’s always of special interesting to the British population!


  • Overall measurement: 1000 x 500mm
  • Fire rating exceeds the environmental standard required 
  • Reliable electronic silent-sweep movement (no tick)
  • Clock face protected by clear polycarbonate cover
  • Fixings are included
  • Dry-wipe, non-reflective surface
  • Includes a full set of insert cards
  • Personalise your display at no extra cost


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