Pub - Rollermural

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Rollermurals can provide all the benefits of a wallpaper mural. Their only limitation is size - maximum single width is 300cm (10ft). They're an excellent solution if there isn't the space to allocate to a permanent graphic or there are concerns that a permanent installation may cause any distress to residents. They are easier to install and also offer the option to change the graphic from time to time. Rollermurals can also be used to temporarily assign a room or space for an activity and literally with the touch of a button, they store themselves away again.  When in use they magnetise to a thin, white ribbon which is adhered to the skirting board. When you press the 'up' button the Rollermural simply detaches itself from the skirting and rolls away silently into the valance. 

Rollermurals offer a number of benefits:

  • They can be put away when not required
  • The mural requires minimal skill to install - much easier and less messy than wallpapering
  • The graphic is Class 0 fire rated
  • Driven by a rechargeable electric motor with long-life, integral Li batteries and remote control handset - no chains or chords in sight!
  • Murals can be changed to suit seasons such as Christmas or another seasonal scene for example.

Your initial purchase needs to be a complete unit which includes the electric motor (which fits inside the roller and is not visible), remote control handset, ceiling valance, fixings and the roller graphic itself.

Once you have the unit in place you can purchase replacement graphics which can be used as required. To swap the graphic over, the roller simply pops out of its brackets, slide the motor out of one roller and into the other one and pop the new graphic back into the supporting brackets and hey presto, your Post Office is now a Cafe!