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Door signs - Shower

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The ability to locate a toilet or bathroom when you need one is an essential part of all our lives. Wherever we are, we want to have the confidence to locate toilet and bathroom facilities easily and quickly.

Dementia can make this significantly more difficult in an environment which always feels unfamiliar. 

This sign designs has been effectively helping people to overcome this difficulty in homes, hospitals and public places for more than a decade and is the most popular design in the world. There are lots of variations of colour, design and size to suit any situation, but without exception, they are manufactured to a very high quality and are extremely durable.

  • 12mm thick
  • Non-reflective face
  • Integral fixings
  • Class 1 fire rated materials
  • Smoothed, tactile edges
Ordering signage

You can order off-the-shelf designs here by specifying the combination of seat colour, background colour and size, to create a highly effective combination like the examples illustrated. 

If these colour options don't suit your environment, please get in touch - we can create any colour combinations you require at no extra cost.

If you'd like  more information about our Essential Design Principles for good dementia designs, please visit the 'About us' section from the Home page, or get in touch via the contact page.

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