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Standard Bedroom Sign

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Since its introduction in 2007, personalised signage has become an established feature in dementia care homes and a CQC or LA inspector will expect to find personalised signage present.

Having designed and manufactured the original and most popular product used in the sector, but as with most things, there’s always room for improvement.

Based on a wealth of fabulous feedback, my original approach was indeed improved and now we have a design that’s deceptively simple, yet full of all the key features of a genuinely dementia-appropriate product.

Once referred to as ‘the early learning centre signs’ for their quirky shapes and primary colours, the updated design relies on contrasting with its surroundings and is available in any colour under the sun.  

It’s also much easier to use, with no messing about cutting shapes out of pictures to use in the sign. Instead, we provide a Word template for you to populate and print-out on your office printer.

In a nutshell, the key improvements are the classier ‘normal’ appearance, flexibility of colour choice and simplicity of use.

N.B. There’s also an anti-ligature option 



· Infinite colour choice

· Ease and clarity of personalisation

· Hotel-style, high-quality, up-market appearance

· Eliminates risk of 'carrying over' DNR/Peeps information from a previous resident

· Anti-glare / non-reflective finish

· 6 standard layouts available

· Compliant with infection control requirements

· Easy to clean



· 250 x 152 x 8mm thick

· Anti-glare/non-reflective finish

· Chamfered edge all round

· Exceeds fire and infection-control requirements.

· Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal growth properties

· Tolerant to most non-abrasive cleaners


How to order

Ordering is straightforward and safe!

Choose your layout from the six options available, choose a colour and specify the numbers required.

Request as many different colours as you wish, there’s no charge for personalisation.

Your order will be clearly itemised in the shopping cart so you can amend it any time before completing your purchase.

If you have any further, specific requirements or queries, please call, we’re always happy to discuss your requirements.