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Ultra clear, large face traditional style clocks for dementia care - Square face

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Available in;

  • 3 standard sizes - 300mm, 450mm and 600mm
  • 9 standard surround colours
  • 2 standard background colours - Cream or White
  • Order your own colour combinations, home name and logo at no additional cost - Click HERE to send your details
  • Colours coordinate with TCHD signage ranges

Being able to find out what the time is when required in a key part of orientation to the day and losing track of time can be very disorientating.

When I visit homes and hospitals, and as someone who rarely wears a watch, if I need to know the time it is always striking at how hard it is to find a clock.

Clocks should be well designed and prominently displayed so they can be easily found. Looking at what is generally available, the clocks which are of a suitable size aren't typically of an appropriate design. Large clocks with good, clear faces are often too small and also have reflective covers making them even more unsuitable for dementia care settings.

I've designed a clock very specifically for dementia care settings using my established design principles of clarity, contrast, robust construction, non-reflective surfaces and sans serif type face.

  • Manufactured in 3mm aluminium. 
  • Order in a variety of standard colourways or specify your own at no additional cost. 
  • High torque, battery operated clock mechanism - no wiring required
  • Securely fixed at four points
  • Fire officer friendly - fully fire rated materials
  • Standard colour combinations all meet the minimum 30% light LRV differential for contrast
  • Include a title, home name and/or company logo at no additional cost