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Ultra clear, secure 4-point fixing, 3 sizes, high-contrast colour choices

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Clocks should be designed to be clear and prominently displayed so they can be easily found.

Knowing the time is a key aspect of orientation within the day. Losing track of time can be extremely disorientating.

I've designed this clock specifically for dementia care settings ensuring good contrast of an easy-to-read face with large digits and hands that stand out clearly against the background.

  • 3 sizes - 300mm, 450mm and 600mm
  • 9 surround colours
  • 2 background colours
  • Order your own colour combinations, home name and logo at no additional cost - Click HERE to send your details
  • Colours coordinate with TCHD signage ranges
  • Manufactured in 3mm aluminium. 
  • High torque, battery operated clock mechanism - no wiring required
  • Secure four point fixing
  • Fire rated materials
  • Include a title, home name and/or company logo at no additional cost