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Door Decor / Door-cals - Traditional design

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Personalisation of someone's own space in a care home setting has undeniable benefits, but in practice this can often be impractical, costly and disruptive.

Door-cals are a brilliant way to give your residents the valuable, distinctive individuality to their room doors with minimal cost, time and effort, whilst providing maximum benefit.

They make it easier for people to recognise the door to their own room and add lots of character to the corridor too, making it feel more like a row of homes rather than a corridor full of fire doors.

The Door-cal in itself is a powerful aid to orientation, enhanced with our collection of door furniture, it becomes even more realistic and distinctive. There are two standard design styles - this page shows the Traditional design and you can click here to open the 6 panel range in a separate window. 

All colours are available as a flat colour or with a subtle wood-grain effect.

Mix and match the styles and colours to create a more interesting environment or to colour code your corridors and make them more distinguishable.

Choosing colours

When selecting Door-cals there are two ranges of colours available, Standard and LRV.  Colours marked LRV use the same palette as the Bedroom Signage range of colours and have been carefully selected to be complimentary whilst providing the requisite levels of contrast.

You can read more about LRV's (Light Reflectance Values) and the range of design opportunities this approach provides in the 'About' section of this website 


Door-cals are supplied at a standard size of 2115mm x 980mm which fits most standard care home internal doors.

A bit more about Door-cals

I created the original 'Door-cals' and coined the name about 10 years ago.

Following many years working in the retail sector I had covered acres of supermarket floors with durable graphics for promotional purposes.Floor graphics need to be extremely tough and easy to install and this is why I thought they'd be ideal for my new idea to decorate doors.

Door-cals have the added feature of being Class 0 fire rated  - this is the important rating required for wall coverings in corridors. 

Anyone offering a door-cal type product 'Door-cals' should specify the Class 0 fire rating and be able to provide the material test certificates.