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External signage

With 20 years experience of manufacturing and installing high quality permanent signage to Care Homes the length and breadth of the UK I know just how important it is to get this right for your business.

External, branded, bespoke signs for care homes

Good signage will:

  • Get your home noticed
  • Make it easier to find
  • Create a positive (or negative) first impression
  • Tell your potential customers what you do
  • Let people know they're in the right place
  • Provide important contact details
Advertising banner display system for care homes

Temporary signage can be invaluable!

But there's nothing worse than seeing an ugly hoarding with a worn out, out of date banner dangling from it!

So I designed a lightweight removable system that can be used when required and put away when it isn't. 

Care home graphic display advertising on a hoarding around a new building

A hoarding around a new build or renovation site is a priceless opportunity not to be wasted.

High quality, professionally produced and installed, hoarding graphics provide a head-start to marketing any care home business. With 20 years experience of delivering external branding to care homes all over the country, TCHD can supply and install fantastic hoardings on your site.

It's important to know exactly what you're going to get and how it's going to look, especially when there's a planning application required.

TCHD will provide visuals and drawings so everyone knows exactly what to expect. If needed, we can contact your local authority on your behalf and we can process a planning application for you too.

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