4 year old boy befriends 91 year old man who has dementia

The BBC published this fabulous and inspiring short story of a friendship that has brought immeasurable benefits to all concerned.

The hidden fire hazard in our care homes

Burnt polymer picture frame moulding
Lurking unnoticed in the corridors of many care homes is a real hazard which should raise significant concern.

The need for orientation aids in a Care Home setting

The need for orientation aids in a Care Home setting
Awareness of the importance of sensory cues should prompt us to actively employ them as a means to reinforce way-finding and orientation in otherwise unfamiliar places.

The value of Resident Focused Informed Design

"Dementia Care Homes can and should be better places to live, work and visit."

"One thing that's been invaluable is our set of Essential Design Principles. Consistently observed, they've been reliable time and time again when applied to the dozens of effective and widely used dementia-specific designs I've created over the last decade."

Using what we refer to as Resident Focused Informed Design (RFID) we're applying these Design Principles to effect really positive change on care home environments as a whole, and they're free to download here for anyone who wants to use them.

Social care system 'at the point of crisis'

Social care system 'at the point of crisis'
There are concerns over the financial state of care homes with many being paid less by local authorities than is needed to deliver care.