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Dementia Design Principles

“Designing effective products demands a broad and genuine understanding of the many ways dementia can affect an individual, and the appreciation that an 'individual' is exactly what each person is. ”

If a design is going to be successful, these principles are the essential check-list in the process of creating an appropriate solution. 

They are the result of research into cognitive issues commonly associated with dementia and are the practical responses to those issues.

All my work observes these 'core' principles as far as is practical and has enabled the effective, dignified solutions that have been widely and successfully adopted in the world of dementia care.

The principles are as just as relevant whether applied to a product design or the environment in general. They are simple, practical, and respectful of peoples needs and sensibly observed can provide many benefits. 

These principles have proved consistently reliable when addressing designs that prevent dementia (and other conditions affecting cognitive performance) from disrupting a person’s basic, daily functions, making it easier to get on with their lives with less stress and more dignity.  

Please read my guide to the key elements of effective dementia-specific design to see how these principles might be applied: Click here