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Door furniture

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Creating a welcoming doorway to where we live is something we all appreciate. There's no place like home after all. These door furniture products add a welcome level of enhancement to the appearance of the door. They're all supplied with a high-tack adhesive on the reverse so they're easy to install and difficult to remove.

There are good arguments for using and for not using real door furniture and the decision of which way to go falls to each home of course.

This option offers a safe, tactile and attractive alternative which doesn't have any of the issues of using real door furniture but still provides many benefits.

  • All class 1 or class 0 fire rated materials
  • Door knocker - 5mm thick, smoothed edges, 180 x 90mm, Brushed gold / brushed silver
  • Letter box - 5mm thick, smoothed edges, 300 x 120mm, Brushed gold / brushed silver
  • Door numbers - 5mm thick, smoothed edges, 90mm tall , Brushed gold / brushed silver
  • Name plates - 5mm thick, smoothed edges, 200 x 75mm, Brushed gold / brushed silver
  • Door slider - 6mm thick, smoothed edges, 360 x 80mm, Brushed gold / brushed silver