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Vision 180 Memory Box - click the image for more pictures

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Memory Boxes have become a standard feature in care homes and it's long overdue for a better design to be made available. 

The new Vision 180 Memory Box is a fresh take on these valuable aids providing a more contemporary look complimentary to modern care home interiors.

The Vision 180 Memory Box has a rigid, secure, unbreakable, pre-formed cover which wraps neatly around the fascia and is discretely secured with two polycarbonate fittings. The capacity of the box is increased and contents are far more visible than ever before even when approached from the side as they often are.

The box and fascia are Class 1 fire rated (or equivalent), far-exceeding the standard requirements for care home corridors. 

  • Personalised Memory Boxes are highly effective orientation aids 
  • Themed Memory Boxes add a 3D reminisence element to TCHD's unique destination point graphic displays 
  • Reinforces confidence that 'this is my room'
  • Inspires relevant, era-specific topics for conversation and reminiscence
  • Illustrates useful information about residents background and hobbies
  • Makes corridors more colourful and interesting 

400 x 320 x 90mm

Unbreakable PetG fascia

Universal fitting

Veclro-friendly, pinnable interior.

100% fire rated materials