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Creating a personalised insert for bedroom signs

Posted by Peter Rose on


Dementia bedroom sign showing the name, picture and number of the residents room

Personalised signage has become a common requirement in care homes catering for residents with dementia. Yet many homes don't want to use personalised signage. Sometimes designs are demeaning or childish, others are really faffy, and others just look cheap and nasty. 

When I created this design I felt I had addressed all the aspects that make it safe, appealing, dignified and universally acceptable whilst retaining all the dementia-specific aspects, and making it affordable!!

What has surprised me is that so many people don't appreciate it is entirely adaptable. The question I am constantly asked is 'what happens when you want to change the sign'? 

So to explain everything you need to know about how the sign works and how easy it is to personalise and update, I've created this short 'tutorial' showing how to do it.


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