Destination Points – the cherry on our cake?

TCHD Destination Points are our unique and formal strategy for making the best use of wall space.

‘Wall art’ in care homes is generally an afterthought. Something to ‘add a bit of colour’ or just fill an empty space.

The father of modern dementia care Tom Kitwood tells us how important the environment is to physical well-being. Perhaps it never has more influence than when you’re no longer at liberty to change your surroundings or go somewhere else because you live in residential care.

Should you have any doubt of the importance of our surroundings, look at the high street – if it’s not a shop for clothing or food, the likelihood is it’s something to do with furnishings, DIY, Bathrooms, Kitchens and so on. Some of the biggest retailers in the world exist because of our need for ‘home’.

The opportunity to bring genuinely meaningful, mood-enhancing artwork into the care home setting was our ambition from the start. To see how effective it could be in contributing to a better quality of life.

We now own the largest portfolio of artwork created for the purpose of helping people hold on to the culture and experiences of their lives. The stuff that makes them the person they are.

Our portfolio grows weekly and co-exists in two dynamic halves: a generic library of diverse themes from Cars to Coal mining, and a fluid side that is constantly creating new, locality related content for our current projects. Our ever-increasing locally-specific portfolio is progressively encompassing the UK as we collaborate with clients the length and breadth of Britain.



We used to call this ‘Reminiscence Artwork’ but let’s face it, ‘Reminiscence’ is a stinker of a word to spell when you’re having to use it repeatedly

As the project gathered interest, a client referred to the displays as ‘Destination Points’ which sounds a better collective noun for what we do.

After all, no-one ever orders just one, and they come into their own when there’s a number of them around the home creating Destinations.

This gives them the status of landmarks for way-finding as well as brightening the surroundings with highly relevant images and words that mean something to the people who live there. The correct use of DP’s is to create a journey. A route someone can follow independently or with a companion, enjoying the memories brought back to life with our creations.

Destination Points make a good distraction when someone is getting agitated and needs to move their thoughts to a happier place. They help

people to feel more comfortable in their surroundings and maintaining connections with the locality. Simply put, they work on many levels, all the things ‘typical’ artwork doesn’t provide on any level.


Destination Points plus + Audio content

One of the things we worried might diminish peoples’ enjoyment, especially when they engaged with the DPs on their own, is their ability to read.

All DPs have some written content, even if it’s only captions. Others’, such as ‘Edinburgh’ have a whole, separate display for the text element, partly so people can enjoy the pictures unhindered by the text, but also because there’s so much to be said about this lovely city.

To help people who can’t read or have lost their site completely, we’ve created an integral audio presentation package as an optional add-on to any of our displays and they can be run from mains or battery power so can be installed almost anywhere.


Sound absorption

Another purpose we’ve created for our unique product is sound absorption.

Using fully fire-rated materials, including the sound absorbent core, we now offer the option for artwork that’s not only eye-catching and engaging, but absorbs sound too, making the environment a more comfortable and inviting place to be. Most demand for this feature is in dining areas where soft furnishings are impractical. The predominance of hard surfaces makes for some very unpleasant acoustics – intolerable in many cases. So enhancing the visual and acoustic environment can transform the dining experience for many residents.


Themed Memory Boxes

Many of our Destination Points can be enhanced with real artefacts displayed in a themed Memory Box for safety, adding a three-dimensional facet to the Destination Point experience and engaging more of the sense than picture alone can do.