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Destination Points

Destination Points

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TCHD Destination Points strategically enhance care home wall spaces with meaningful, mood-enhancing artwork. Unlike typical wall art, our pieces improve quality of life by preserving residents' cultural experiences and memories. Influenced by Tom Kitwood's emphasis on environment for well-being, our large, diverse portfolio includes both general and locally-specific themes, constantly expanding across the UK.

Originally termed ‘Reminiscence Artwork,’ our pieces were rebranded as ‘Destination Points’ to reflect their role in creating navigable, engaging spaces within homes. They provide comfort, way-finding landmarks, and distractions for residents.

Our offerings include:

  • Audio Content: Optional audio packages for those unable to read or see.
  • Sound Absorption: Fire-rated materials that absorb sound, ideal for dining areas with hard surfaces.
  • Themed Memory Boxes: Real artefacts displayed safely to enhance the sensory experience.

These elements collectively ensure a more comfortable, engaging, and personalised environment for care home residents.

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