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Meaningful POIs, even when you don't think you have the space.

Posted by Peter Rose on

It's great that some clients are starting to get on board with how meaningful and important POIs and Destination Points are, even though they've been referred to in the (6 year old!) Kings Fund environmental assessment tool - so how many people have actually used the tool I wonder? My guess is; not enough.

I think it's common for clients to assume they need an embarrassment of space and funds to do anything worthwhile. Absolutely not so! You just need the talent and effort of a seasoned graphics expert who understand the purpose and how images can fulfil particular needs.

A really brilliant option, especially if you don't think you have space for effective POIs, is to re-think your wall-art.




















Everyone loves maps! The example below including local images and a map of the locality provides an information-packed, interesting display that is unlikely to challenge or offend anyone yet reinforces a vital sense-of-place and helps memories to resurface.

Replace meaningless, reflective (flammable!) framed pictures with displays full of content and interest that's relevant to the locality and to the population of the home. 

For more interest and variety we can create themed displays packed with relevance to the era and activities of the populous. The purpose of putting a concerted effort into the graphic content around the home will help re-connect residents with what they enjoyed doing and where they forged their happiest memories. It's a turbo-charged reminiscence strategy with extra benefits.


Dementia care home fashion themed display panel with Mary Quant designs

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