Say Thank You to your Care Home with a Gifting Card

Say Thank You to your Care Home with a Gifting Card

It's now harder than it ever has been for Care Homes to release funds for improvements. Their main priority at the moment is holding the fort until normality returns. But the needs of residents haven't changed and the environment remains an exceptional opportunity to improve the experience of living in a Care Home.

With TCHD Gifting Cards, friends and families can say Thank You for the selfless dedication of our Care Homes in these exceptional times and at the same time be certain you're Gift will go towards improving the Home.

If you're a Care Home Manager and there are things you would like to do you can set up an appeal to your families to purchase Gifting Cards to support you in getting the improvements that will benefit everyone in your Home.

Gifting Cards are available to purchase now in affordable denominations. Multiple Cards can be redeemed against any purchase from the TCHD store and they are valid until used.

If you'd like to create an appeal to your families, TCHD can provide you with design work free of charge to create your appeal. 

Please call or email if you'd like more information. Click here

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