Collection: Communication Displays

When life gets a little quieter, matters such as 'what's for lunch', 'how's the weather' and 'what activities are available today' take on a greater significance. Consequently, there's a greater need to make this information readily available in a way that everyone can access and understand.

We provide displays designed specifically for Menu's, Orientation and Activities. As everything we make is 'made-to-order', optional designs, colours and features are always available on request and corporate styling can be incorporated at no additional cost.

Our designs are always created from the dementia perspective with safety being paramount. Designs and materials take account of infection control, fire safety and the processing issues that dementia presents. 

Unlike many companies today, we're just people who like to deal with other people, so if you'd like to discuss any aspects of our displays, please call or email. We'll be delighted to hear from you. Click here to get in touch