Collection: Room designation signs

Room Designation sign are available in three types: Resident Facing, Projecting and Non-Resident facing. It sounds a bit convoluted, but until we find a slicker way to describe them, this 'does what it says on the tin'.  

Resident Facing signs are the most important of course as they support residents confidence, independence an mobility.

Projecting signs reinforce the standard signs by helping people when a room is approached from an angle, such as along a corridor or set back such that the standard sign isn’t visible. Projecting signs also have the advantage of being double sided so they are visible from either direction.

The clumsily named 'non-resident facing' signs are smaller, less prominent signs that are installed towards the top of a door to support new, temporary and maintenance staff to identify otherwise anonymous doors such as Storage, Electrical Cupboards and so on. 

Room Designation signs are an important part of a successful wayfinding strategy, but should not be used unless there's a genuine need, otherwise they just cause unnecessary clutter and confusion. Installed in the right place and at the correct height (1.2 to 1.4M from floor level, Room Designation signs encourage confidence, support independent wayfinding and provide reassurance.To start your order, simply provide titles and quantities and we’ll provide a free-of-charge visual and we'll only manufacture your signs once they've all been approved.