Collection: Personalised Bedroom Signs

Since its introduction in 2007, personalised signage has become an established feature in dementia care homes and a CQC or LA inspector will expect to find personalised signage present. 

As the originator of the most popular designs used in the sector, we've never sat on our laurels and believe there's always room for improvement.

Our current design is robust and simple, yet full of the features a genuinely dementia-appropriate product requires. 

Once known as ‘the early learning centre signs’ because of their quirky shapes and primary colours, Dementia-appropriate signage has come-of-age, relying on Light Reflectance Values to create high-contrast whilst being complimentary with modern interior design. To achieve this we use printing technology to offer signs in virtually any colour under the sun.

Our signs are easy to use to personalise using a Word template to populate an insert you can simply print-out on your office printer. When the room changes hands you discard the single sheet and create a new one. 

Key features are the ‘normal’ appearance, flexible colour choice, security and simplicity of use. Most importantly they are the best signs for supporting residents. 

Please note: There’s now an anti-ligature option available for higher risk environments (link required to AL product)

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