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Who is The Care Home Designer

My name is Peter Rose. I’ve been designing products for Dementia Care since 2007 when I accidentally became involved in the Care sector through one of my clients, Bupa.

Since then my interest has been in just how important the environment is and how little it is used and recognised for its potential. Fortunately, some people have the courage to try something different and with them we’ve demonstrated what a huge difference can be made to every aspect of how a care home functions when you make the surroundings really appropriate for the population that lives there, and how that impacts positively on every single aspect of the home.

So for the avoidance of doubt: I don’t design Care Homes 😊 I design FOR care homes. My ambition is to elevate the environment to be regarded at least as important as any other component of the home. As the surroundings are largely so under-utilised I have absolutely no doubt that they hold the greatest potential for improvement. These improvements impact directly in a plethora of positive ways including aspects as diverse as reducing falls to increasing profitability, improving appetite to reducing staff turnover.

My passion for this is such that in January 2018 I walked away from the relative comfort of running a multi-discipline manufacturing business and established a brand new enterprise, The Care Home Designer (TCHD), to pursue my passion and commit all my energy to persuading more people to come on board and make the most of the environment in and around the care home for the greater benefit of everyone associated with it.

If you’re interested in making more of the surroundings in your care home so they reflect the collective personality of the residents and the community from which they come, please contact me and maybe we can achieve something really life-changing.