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Bespoke Destination Points, Artwork and Special Projects:

Bespoke Destination Points, Artwork and Special Projects:

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A unique service to reinforce a sense-of-place.

Walk into a care home old or new and it’s likely there’ll be nothing to tell you where in the world you are.

When someone has lived independently in the locality for many years, moving to a residential home and losing their liberty, feels like losing touch with everything that’s familiar.

Displays emphasising the locality, keep people connected with the places and community they’re familiar with.

Curating words and pictures to create content-rich, relevant displays are comforting and reassuring. They’re of great value in supporting people to keep a connection with their community.

We’re always looking to improve our displays and have recently added the following options:

1. Integral audio presentations - attached safely to the rear of the display and operated by a simple button on the front, the presentation reads the text content aloud. This feature is available with a choice of battery or mains power and can be added to any of our displays.

2. Acoustic displays – older people with impaired hearing find echoey environments particularly unpleasant and dementia makes it even more so. Dining rooms are particularly problematic as carpets and soft furnishings aren’t appropriate for hygiene reasons. This can make the acoustics intolerable and ruin the dining experience, creating a reluctance to use the dining room at all.

A unique construction incorporating sound-absorbing materials that reduce reflected sound, making the environment a visually and audibly nicer place to be.

Pricing on request.

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